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Calling Doctor Strange, Dr. Stephen Strange...

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Omnibus Update

      First, the way the two Marvel Omnibus shelves currently look, including the two additions below. Still acting as partial placeholders are a few of the old Marvel Masterworks, bought from the first year of their release many years ago, waiting for the eventual Omnibus editions to come my way. A leap from the April 19th previous look , when it was maybe one and one third shelves. Fifteen volumes then, twenty five now.       The Defenders and the second of the Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four editions have that poorly-decided, tiny spine lettering, which is unfortunate. I can only guess that someone thought it made them look... I don't know, more dignified? A minor issue in the sweep of things, but still, not a choice I'd have made.       So many others pre-ordered, waiting (mostly) for their release dates which now stretch into March 2022, but here are the two most recently-arrived ones:            Fantastic Four Omnibus vol 2: Containing issues 31-60, and Annuals 2-4, and so so

Eye of the Time Traveler (pt. 1)

      Over sixty years down, I'm trying to get it right. Disassembling, examining the pieces, and trying to put them back together in an improved way.       Procrastination and related depression remain strong players.        I still spend far too much of my conscious time in one of two, equally useless states:       1) I have all the time in the world, and I just need to rest and de-stress a little before I roll up my sleeves and get what needs doing done.  and...       2) Not anything close to the time on hand to do what must be done. I'm fucking doomed. Everything's as good as ashes.       Both states are paralyzing, differing only in degree of stress.       Neither state is something I can continue to afford.       Still, I have managed improvements in the past decade.       I tackled a situation of deep and deepening debt, got hold of the details, explored options (primarily a loan at a much better interest rate, used to pay off the aggregate debt - I used Lending Tree

Devourer of Worlds vs Devourer of Savings and Space?

    (Note: This post may simply be an exercise in imaginary indulgence, where I eventually mine most of the pleasure of potentially owning something simply by thinking about it. Think of it as a variation on how some manage to finally shed themselves of excess possessions by taking a picture of it, allowing them to keep it on some level while selling it off or giving it away. Certainly, there are much better uses for over $400. On the other hand, if I should make the decision to buy it, I'm not going to hand-wring over it. At once or, more often, in tiny outlays, I've bought far worse/less for far more money over the years, and all of that was when $400 was a considerably larger portion of my income.)        I turned 60 this year.       While I know there are exceptions to any such things, I think that as a general rule I'm part of the generation just before when an adult having and displaying action figures was as open an option. People just six or seven years younger t
Happy Birthday, Al Lewis!   This would have been his 98th... we think. Al - born Abraham Meister - was in the habit of telling tales.       His Wikipedia page gives a fair rundown of this life .

Marvel Omnibus collection update

      Now spilling onto a second shelf, there had been enough changes since my March 21st post to warrant an update.       The two latest additions have been within the past week.      The first volume of the Avengers series was given to me just today, by friend of many, many years, Pat M. It collects the first 30 issues of the series which launched in 1963. This version has an hommage of the first issue's cover, by John Romita jr and Klaus Janson.        The origin of the team, the first big roster shake-up, and the first appearances of some of their major foes, particularly the time traveling Kang, and their opposite number team, the (difficult to say with a straight face as an adult) Masters of Evil. As with so much on these shelves, I'm looking forward to going back over them at leisure, trying to get the best of both the nostalgia and of seeing the work with fresh eyes.        In recent years I've been trying to better appreciate the artist choices made along the
   This is the fifteenth anniversary of a dark, extremely local event . Oddly, it seems even longer ago that fifteen years. A lifetime's difference, though.